My Weekly update, Starting Now Anyway …..

22 04 2010



Its been just about 4 months since I last posted anything here and Id like to start voicing my love for video game here once again. Nothing to crazy just one post a week to go over what I’ve been up to on the gaming front. A lot has come and gone it the past four months and there’s much to come. With that being said let me get started.


Yes I’ve been playing some PS3 titles this year thanks to GameFly ( you didn’t think I would actually buy a PS3 game did you ?). Uncharted 2 was a Christmas gift but it brought me into the new year with a bang considering the games greatness. Everything about this game truly makes this Game of the Year for 2009. The action, graphics, presentation and voice acting raised the bar when it comes to “Hollywood style production” . Uncharted 2 was my Game of the Year for 2009. Heavy Rain was also another great PS3 titles that I played this year. It was another one of those titles that draw you in with mood and setting and a great story. God of War 3 while I thought it was a beautiful game with a lot of action. It was just to tired in the gameplay area with its button mashing style of play. If it were more hardcore like Ninja Gaiden I think I would have given it more of a chance, but it was back to Gamefly for GOW 3.


On the 360 front its been nothing but exceptional gaming as always. I’ve have been making my way back to Fallout 3 catching up on its DLC. I’ve  slayed demons with the lovely Bayonetta and saved the world in Battlefield Bad Company 2 along with the human race in Mass Effect  2. The Assassin  Sam Fisher made he his 360 return in a big way and I was more the pleased with his coming out of the shadows. Speaking of  Assassins Ezio for Assassins Creed was no slouch in the Bad Ass department either.

So my hands have been full of gaming and as always there’s more to come very soon. Alan wake, Lost Planet 2 and Red Dead Redemption all come out in May (yeah that’s next month). Not mention Blur and Split Second release in May as well. I will only get one of those and that might have to wait till June. Now just think it all kicks off with Super Street Fighter 4 next week.




22 01 2010


Bayonetta is one of the most silliest, ridiculous over the top and not to mention one of the most  wonderful games I’ve  EVER played ! From the beautiful and stylish graphics to the fast and frantic game play that totally kicks ass, Bayonetta  gives games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden a lot to look up to.  The game could have been called “Boss-onetta”, thanks to the overwhelming amount boss and mini boss battles that you face in the game. The hack and slash genre has hasn’t felt so fresh in years.

My only issue with Bayonetta is the way you earn credits known as “Halos” to buy items and upgrades.  I went through the the whole game buying very few upgrades because of the greediness of the games willingness to give up more Halos. None the less I finished the game and was very impressed with the game from beginning to end.

As far as the story is concerned I don’t know what to say about it. It was very confusing and I honestly couldn’t tell you what the hell the game was really about. What I can say is that it took me 23 hours 40 minuets and 2 seconds to beat the game. Talk about one hell of a rental !

Forza Screenshots via TormentX

7 11 2009



Giant Bomb







22 10 2009




Wow I’m totally blown away by Borderlands. Here’s a game I’ve been watching for a while now and wasn’t sure what to expect. Yeah I knew that Id bee getting a cell shaded wasteland featuring coop play , but the game had some stiff competition it that category with Halo ODST being released a few weeks prior to it.

As far as I’m concerned this game blows Halo ODST away in the coop department. Not that ODST was a bad game it just wasn’t meant to be a coop game in my opinion, Borderlands was built from the ground up for coop and it shows. It also lends its self at being a great single player game to.

The game is all about picking up loot. From weapons (tons of them) and shields, to boat loads of cash and rare items. This game does for me what I wish Too Human could have done and that’s get me addicted to it. Borderlands also succeeds at being a great FPS and RPG all at the same time, a formula that doesn’t always turn out to well. I guess there’s something about the wasteland setting that makes these two genres work great together…think Fallout 3.

So why should you buy a copy of Borderlands

  1. Its a First person Shooter
  2. Its also an RPG
  3. 4 player online coop !
  4. Addictive as hell
  5. And a Gagillion Weapons !


Yard Sale Blowout !

10 10 2009

My wife did it again. She came across another video game bundle of joy at a local yard sale. She picked up 9 games for $2.00 each. Some will make a great trade-ins at EB Games with their trade four get an extra $20 deal. Other like GUN I’ll keep to play for a bit and my son will keep a couple like PREY and Battlefield. So here’s what she picked up.
  1. GUN
  2. BLITZ The League
  3. Frontlines: Fuel of War
  4. PREY
  6. Battlefield 2
  7. PGR 3
  8. Spider Man Friend or Foe
  9. Xbox Live Arcade Disc- Pac Man :CE, etc….

Nothing to see here, move along ……..

6 10 2009
This is just a quick reminder list for myself so that I know when I need to sell my soul for cash to get some games.
  • Borderlands ships 10/20
  • Forza and Tekken ship 10/27
  • COD:MW2 ships 11/10
  • Assassins Creed  ships 11/17
  • Left 4 Dead 2 ships 11/17


11 09 2009

Please take time to remember the events that took place on 9/11 and the everyone who had lost and gave their lives. Thank you !