Video run down of my Kinect experience

5 01 2011

Hey everyone this long but helpful video gives you an idea of the two games  Your Shape Fitness Evolved and EA Active that I have been using for the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is mostly my first impressions on the games and not so much a full review on each. Id rather wait till I purchase The Biggest Loser game before really comparing all the games and giving them a full rating.


TormentX Evolved !

3 01 2011



Over the past couple of years I have taken the necessary measures to getting myself back into shape. Although after losing a 100 lbs I’ve found myself packing on 20 lbs over the fall and winter months. Well its time to shed those extra pounds and its time to once again for TormentX to blog !

This past holiday season I picked up an Xbox 360 Kinect as well as some of the fitness games that are available  for the Kinect. I will be posting my personal opinions on the games as well as tracking  my fitness progress.

Along with that I will be giving many tips for fitness and weight loss for those with limited funds and time. This week I’ll be running as well as using my Kinect. Check back to see my progress and feel free to comment on anything, ask questions or even share your own fitness achievements.

“I am in no way shape or form a professional fitness or health advisor. Please check with your Doctor before preforming any physical activities”.


The Minor Celebrity Report: The Winner of E3

15 07 2008


Am I gonna favor the Xbox 360 in my rundown of the E3 press conference from the Big 3? I dont need to, actions speak louder the words. So heres how I felt each scored in E3 08.
  • With big titles like Gears 2, Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 , The 360 came out swinging.
  • New dashboard and Avatar interface
  • New arcade titles like Geometry wars 2 and Portal 2.
  • Final Fantasy XIII !



  • Animal Crossings
  • Wii Voice
  • Wii Sports Resort
  • Wii Music
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars DS

3RD PLACE: SONY                   SCORE D+


  • Resistance 2
  • Home trailer
  • Movies and TV
  • God of War 3 trailer

Even with the Minor Celebrities not on site we still give you the scoop on E3 and how the big 3 faired. Sony seemed lost out on stage and Nintendo showed some games, thats all they need to do at this point anyway. Sony brought NOTHING to the table at all. Microsoft I felt had a pretty good show and was the only one to end with a bang. Its gonna be another great holiday season to be a 360 owner ! And dont for get to check the other half of the Minor Celebrities at The Superghost Haunted House of Xbox were im sure he’ll post his thoughts on the Microsoft pres conference as well.


TormentX “The Limited Edition”

17 04 2008
GTA IV Limited Edition


     Ten, twenty, thirty…..even up tp sixty bucks more for limited editions of your favorite video games. Sounds like a lot dont it … I think the extra dough is worth it if your getting something you personaly like. Some times an extra DVD with "the making of" is not enough for me. Im really starting to like the little art books that come packed in. Like the ones found in Halo 3 (limited edition only), Gears of War and GTA 4.
     If your into these little extras sometimes it pays to pre-order games in advance. I was surprised  to find out when I picked up my copies of Assassins Creed and DMC 4 that they each came with a mini art book for free with the pre-order…..SWEET ! I collect things Im into like Star Wars and Halo action figures and video games are no diffrent. So if I can get a cool extra for a few more bucks then im going for it. Just look at the pic of the GTA 4 limited edition. You get a gym bag, lock box, music cd and mini art book. I DIG IT ! I just hope my friends dont make fun of me when I start using my Fallout 3 lunch box……….SWEET !


Have a great weekend people

4 11 2005



                     Enjoy the pic and have a great weekend people !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Net Jak .com

26 05 2005

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