One Week Down

9 01 2011


So folks its Sunday morning and I’ve been planning on doing some sort of workout today, I’m just not sure yet what I’ll be doing yet. I’m not really in the mood today but I will be doing something lite.

What I really wanted to talk about was weight loss and how I did it and the fact that’s its not so easy a second time around. People always ask me what did I do to lose the weight. I would usually tell people I just started eating right. Some times I would leave out the whole Weight Watchers part because when you tell people that your on WW’s they start to say “oh well how’s the food taste”. Then I just have to laugh.

People also wanted to know how much time I spent in the gym to lose the weight. I tell them most of the weight came off just by eating right and that was oh so true. That’s what I counted on this past week for my weight loss after going back to my WW’s program by just eating right.

That became a see-saw battle this week. I started off really good, but I slipped up a couple of days. I managed to be down 5 lbs. after 6 full days of eating properly, but I’m finding myself making a bad decision already this morning by accepting a sausage egg and cheese sandwich from my brother in law. I guess you could say  I’m a bit more motivated to workout now.

Its tough getting back to eating right 100% of the times. Its harder going back then it was to start. I was so much heavier back then that I was able to eat more food then I can now at my current weight of 207 lbs.  I think I’ll be happy though even if I have to battle with myself as long as I stick to it. I’m already down 5 lbs. in 6 days. I must be doing something right.



Video run down of my Kinect experience

5 01 2011

Hey everyone this long but helpful video gives you an idea of the two games  Your Shape Fitness Evolved and EA Active that I have been using for the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is mostly my first impressions on the games and not so much a full review on each. Id rather wait till I purchase The Biggest Loser game before really comparing all the games and giving them a full rating.

TormentX Evolved !

3 01 2011



Over the past couple of years I have taken the necessary measures to getting myself back into shape. Although after losing a 100 lbs I’ve found myself packing on 20 lbs over the fall and winter months. Well its time to shed those extra pounds and its time to once again for TormentX to blog !

This past holiday season I picked up an Xbox 360 Kinect as well as some of the fitness games that are available  for the Kinect. I will be posting my personal opinions on the games as well as tracking  my fitness progress.

Along with that I will be giving many tips for fitness and weight loss for those with limited funds and time. This week I’ll be running as well as using my Kinect. Check back to see my progress and feel free to comment on anything, ask questions or even share your own fitness achievements.

“I am in no way shape or form a professional fitness or health advisor. Please check with your Doctor before preforming any physical activities”.