Chop Some Wood

2 02 2011


First lets get the fact that I haven’t posted nor have I worked out in a while out of the way. With that said lets move on shall we. Exercise is very important to the body when it comes losing weight. Not as important as eat properly though. This is were I have failed over the past couple of weeks. As of yesterday I have been back on track with my point system from Weight Watchers.

Its not as easy as it was when I first started so I’m trying to discipline myself into doing what’s right to reach my goal and that would be eating properly. I’m sticking to my 33 points a day. The best way to stick to any form of diet would be to stock your house with the right foods and that is what I have done to get back on track.

Today I also burned 421 calories with Your Shape Fitness Evolved by doing the Cardio Kickboxing class as well as a toning class and some gym games. Folks working out and exercise doesn’t have to be all about busting your ass in a gym or running a million miles, I just happen to like pushing myself so that’s why I do it. I also got a great workout from doing a household chore as well and that was chopping wood for an hour.

I’m not saying to go out and cut down a tree or anything, but doing your daily chores around the house can help keep the pounds off. Cleaning, gardening or mowing the lawn all help out. Its all about getting up and moving. Park your car further away in a parking lot for those extra steps, just get moving. This is coming from a guy who loves to sit and play a lot of video game.





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3 02 2011

Got wood?

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