The story so far ……

4 01 2011


It all started a couple of years ago when my friends Pat and Adam (Superghost and Cru to some) joined Weight Watchers and started having immediate success. I thought this must be for me to. Well I couple years later I was 100 lbs lighter.

I took some time off from going to Weight Watchers, but I didn’t go off the program witch is basically a form of counting calories. This past fall I did let things slip though and found myself heading back to my old ways of eating.

Last night was my first night back to a Weight Watchers meeting in about 6 months and boy have things changed. They now have a new system called Points Plus. They re-tooled all their points calculating systems to come up with with the new program after 3 years of studying it. Myself I’m sticking to the old plan for now. Hey It worked !

Folks lets not forget all the proper eating in the world isn’t the only way to keep the pounds off. You gotta move people. I’m not saying run to the gym bust your butt for hours at a time or go run 10 miles, but you gotta move.

And move I did. Last Thursday I started my quest for regaining my fit and trim self by working out with Your Shape Fitness Evolved  on the Xbox 360 Kinect. My first workout was a cardio kickboxing class and it kicked my ass, it was great. On Sunday I did the New Year New You work and was again given a great workout right in my own home. Between both classes I burn over 600 calories ! Last night I got home a bit late so I ran a mile one my treadmill. I was up to about 3-4 miles per run but its also been some time since I ran on a regular basis so its all ways best to take it easy  when making a come back or just starting out.

A lot of my physical activity is going to come from running which I enjoy immensely and the use of my Xbox Kinect and its games. I will get more into the games later on. For now though I do have Your Shape Fitness Evolved, EA Active 2 and I plan on getting The Biggest Loser as well. I will break them all down for you later. For now I need to relax before work tonight and get ready for my next workout tomorrow.





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