Chop Some Wood

2 02 2011


First lets get the fact that I haven’t posted nor have I worked out in a while out of the way. With that said lets move on shall we. Exercise is very important to the body when it comes losing weight. Not as important as eat properly though. This is were I have failed over the past couple of weeks. As of yesterday I have been back on track with my point system from Weight Watchers.

Its not as easy as it was when I first started so I’m trying to discipline myself into doing what’s right to reach my goal and that would be eating properly. I’m sticking to my 33 points a day. The best way to stick to any form of diet would be to stock your house with the right foods and that is what I have done to get back on track.

Today I also burned 421 calories with Your Shape Fitness Evolved by doing the Cardio Kickboxing class as well as a toning class and some gym games. Folks working out and exercise doesn’t have to be all about busting your ass in a gym or running a million miles, I just happen to like pushing myself so that’s why I do it. I also got a great workout from doing a household chore as well and that was chopping wood for an hour.

I’m not saying to go out and cut down a tree or anything, but doing your daily chores around the house can help keep the pounds off. Cleaning, gardening or mowing the lawn all help out. Its all about getting up and moving. Park your car further away in a parking lot for those extra steps, just get moving. This is coming from a guy who loves to sit and play a lot of video game.



One Week Down

9 01 2011


So folks its Sunday morning and I’ve been planning on doing some sort of workout today, I’m just not sure yet what I’ll be doing yet. I’m not really in the mood today but I will be doing something lite.

What I really wanted to talk about was weight loss and how I did it and the fact that’s its not so easy a second time around. People always ask me what did I do to lose the weight. I would usually tell people I just started eating right. Some times I would leave out the whole Weight Watchers part because when you tell people that your on WW’s they start to say “oh well how’s the food taste”. Then I just have to laugh.

People also wanted to know how much time I spent in the gym to lose the weight. I tell them most of the weight came off just by eating right and that was oh so true. That’s what I counted on this past week for my weight loss after going back to my WW’s program by just eating right.

That became a see-saw battle this week. I started off really good, but I slipped up a couple of days. I managed to be down 5 lbs. after 6 full days of eating properly, but I’m finding myself making a bad decision already this morning by accepting a sausage egg and cheese sandwich from my brother in law. I guess you could say  I’m a bit more motivated to workout now.

Its tough getting back to eating right 100% of the times. Its harder going back then it was to start. I was so much heavier back then that I was able to eat more food then I can now at my current weight of 207 lbs.  I think I’ll be happy though even if I have to battle with myself as long as I stick to it. I’m already down 5 lbs. in 6 days. I must be doing something right.


Video run down of my Kinect experience

5 01 2011

Hey everyone this long but helpful video gives you an idea of the two games  Your Shape Fitness Evolved and EA Active that I have been using for the Xbox 360 Kinect. This is mostly my first impressions on the games and not so much a full review on each. Id rather wait till I purchase The Biggest Loser game before really comparing all the games and giving them a full rating.

The story so far ……

4 01 2011


It all started a couple of years ago when my friends Pat and Adam (Superghost and Cru to some) joined Weight Watchers and started having immediate success. I thought this must be for me to. Well I couple years later I was 100 lbs lighter.

I took some time off from going to Weight Watchers, but I didn’t go off the program witch is basically a form of counting calories. This past fall I did let things slip though and found myself heading back to my old ways of eating.

Last night was my first night back to a Weight Watchers meeting in about 6 months and boy have things changed. They now have a new system called Points Plus. They re-tooled all their points calculating systems to come up with with the new program after 3 years of studying it. Myself I’m sticking to the old plan for now. Hey It worked !

Folks lets not forget all the proper eating in the world isn’t the only way to keep the pounds off. You gotta move people. I’m not saying run to the gym bust your butt for hours at a time or go run 10 miles, but you gotta move.

And move I did. Last Thursday I started my quest for regaining my fit and trim self by working out with Your Shape Fitness Evolved  on the Xbox 360 Kinect. My first workout was a cardio kickboxing class and it kicked my ass, it was great. On Sunday I did the New Year New You work and was again given a great workout right in my own home. Between both classes I burn over 600 calories ! Last night I got home a bit late so I ran a mile one my treadmill. I was up to about 3-4 miles per run but its also been some time since I ran on a regular basis so its all ways best to take it easy  when making a come back or just starting out.

A lot of my physical activity is going to come from running which I enjoy immensely and the use of my Xbox Kinect and its games. I will get more into the games later on. For now though I do have Your Shape Fitness Evolved, EA Active 2 and I plan on getting The Biggest Loser as well. I will break them all down for you later. For now I need to relax before work tonight and get ready for my next workout tomorrow.


TormentX Evolved !

3 01 2011



Over the past couple of years I have taken the necessary measures to getting myself back into shape. Although after losing a 100 lbs I’ve found myself packing on 20 lbs over the fall and winter months. Well its time to shed those extra pounds and its time to once again for TormentX to blog !

This past holiday season I picked up an Xbox 360 Kinect as well as some of the fitness games that are available  for the Kinect. I will be posting my personal opinions on the games as well as tracking  my fitness progress.

Along with that I will be giving many tips for fitness and weight loss for those with limited funds and time. This week I’ll be running as well as using my Kinect. Check back to see my progress and feel free to comment on anything, ask questions or even share your own fitness achievements.

“I am in no way shape or form a professional fitness or health advisor. Please check with your Doctor before preforming any physical activities”.


The END !

29 05 2010

Even though I posted a few weeks ago that Id be doing a weekly post Im am now calling it quits for "Brought to you by TormentX". Thats right I will blog here no more. Why ? Well I just dont have the heart to do it anymore not to mention the time. So with that being said its over ! Thanks for everyone who has read my posts in the past and anyone who may stumble upon this page check out the links for great Xbox 360 and gaming posts.  CYA !

Aaron Ferguson (TormentX)

Tips for a Healthy Gamer

28 04 2010

junkfood1  After losing 100 pounds over the last year and a half I finally learned to get my health back in order and stay in control of what I’m eating. I was 290 pounds and the weight wasn’t slowing down. It didn’t help much when I consider myself a “Hardcore Gamer” and had a lot of down time in front of the TV. Now I’m not trying to tell to get off your couch and hit the gym and go run a few miles, but like I said as gamers we do tend to have more down time then others. With that being said there are some tasty tip I’d like to pass along for some healthier and smarter gaming snack  ideas.

For starters lets talk about our beverages. I’m going to go out a limb and guess a lot of soda is being consumed while we try saving the world from evil or trying to cross the finish line in first place. Myself I drink seltzer water (yes I know everyone thinks its awful), but the idea is to keep your calories down while sitting down. So why not try some diet sodas. Coke 0 and Diet Dr Pepper are great tasting sodas with no calories in them at all. With the weather starting to warm up now a nice cold glass of water is very refreshing and it also helps to keep you feeling fuller as well.

I know there’s better then munching away at a snack while playing your favorite game, but it doesn’t have to be foods that are going to add the pounds on.  Yes chips and some cookies are great and maybe even some candy, just not all the time. I still eat chips I just eat them in smaller portions. Instead of buying the giant super size bags of chips Ill buy the $.99 bags that are great for a session of gaming. If you have a bigger bag you tend to eat more. Also try some fruit, yes fruit and why not it tastes great. When is the last time you sat down with some strawberries, pineapple or even some grapes? You can a nice mix of 3 cups of fruit which is a lot of food and very filling. I think if more people were turned to eating more they much just say to themselves “why have I been eating more of this”.

Popcorn and pretzels are smarter choices as well. Be careful how you chose you popcorn though. You don’t want to sit down with a whole bag of microwaved popped popcorn that’s loaded with butter. Try the air popped brands this way you can control the amount of butter or “topping” that goes into your snack.  Try using some  salt and butter spray to keep your calories and fat down. Doing this will allow you to eat a TON of popcorn ! Candy is to bad when it comes to the smaller hard candies like a Jolly Rancher. You have like three or four of these and not take in to much. But instead of reaching for that Snickers Bar that’s supposed to satisfy you try grabbing a Fiber bar load with chocolate chips instead and they taste great.

I’m not trying to preach the book of good health here or anything, but rather just looking to maybe help some people that might feel they need to change some of their gaming eating habits. I still eat pizza and hamburgers I’m not a complete health fanatic or anything, but if reading this post can change just a few of the thing some of you might eat while sitting in front of the tube then I’m just happy that I could share this with all of you. After all you want raise your gamer score not your waistline!